Public art can be described as a community’s self-expression. Just as we adorn our personal living spaces as a means of self-expression, so too can public art be used to express the uniqueness and shared values of our communities.

The early experience of seeing things differently than my peers (thanks to dyslexia), freed me from the inclination to follow convention. My work explores the validity of multiple interpretations.  The majority of my pieces can be understood differently depending on one’s angle of vision. Another dominant influence formed as I worked in the underwater environments. This history can be seen in the shimmering scales of a marine creature, or the sweeping curves of an abstract evoking the relentless shaping power of the sea. 

Challenge is what drives me. I approach each new project as a private assessment of my abilities. Any assertion that a particular method is not possible is merely an invitation for me to defy such limitations.  Among the challenges I seek is the choice of recycled metals as a base material, preferably preserving the original color and character of the finish.  While salvage materials provide an opportunity to triumph over unsustainable practices, they also rely on the nearly lost art of reengineering. To me, the act of joining metal is more than a means to an end. It’s a celebration of the ingenuity and artisanal skill that has driven the progress of civilization. I hope my work will encourage discussion about the way we chose to live and its implications.